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Flagstones give a rustic design to any patio with their irregular shapes. 9 Brothers carries beautiful flagstone from alternating colors to solid colors that bring a warm inviting look to any masonry project. It’s fun design and quirky colors make it an enjoyable surface.

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    Irregular, split flagstones fit together like a giant puzzle to create spectacular pathways, patios, pool decks, interior flooring, fireplaces, and other decorative features. Flagstone is quarried in thousands of locations worldwide, and each type of stone boasts its own unique colorful patterns of veining and striations. MSI's collection of flagstone includes slate, quartzite, and limestone in a variety of sizes.

    Flagstone Shown in Buffalo Grey Quartzite

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    Flagstone Wall Caps add a crisp, natural detail to your stone walls.They complement garden, patio and water feature applications with a touch of refinement.

    37″”l × 9″”w × 2.25″”h
    37″”l × 12″”w × 2.25″”h

    Profile Shown In Espresso FlagStone Wall Cap

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    The Flagstone slab is a mosaic of carefully sculpted stone which appears to be the work of a highly skilled stonework mason. Its natural stone look comes from its random pattern where no two stones seem to be alike. By manipulating the carvings on the surface of each unit, we have created a multitude of shapes and sizes without affecting the productivity of installation; granting you with all the glory of a natural-stone look without the exorbitant installation costs.