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Name a better way to say “I love pizza” than this! Outdoor pizza ovens can be used for a variety of food other than pizza but they are designed to cook the perfect pizza pizzeria style. Our choices of outdoor pizza ovens are guaranteed to be a ‘HOT’ addition to your backyard!

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    Contains everything you need to construct this stunning pizza oven! • Cast Stone counter top • Decorative Lintels and surround • 2-1/2 pallets of Verona wall • 5-piece oven: dome, arch, 3-piece hearth • Decorative door, flue adaptor • Install kit: insulating board, insulating blanket, mortar • Cooking kit: pizza peel, brush

    7′-8″” 3′-8″” Deep 9′-4″”

    Verona Pizza Oven shown on Pier Cap in Bluestone

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    This design template facilitates the construction of a pizza oven island using the Brandon wall corner unit in both 90mm and 180mm heights. This design optimizes product coverage and construction.


  • Testosterone Enanthate Buy Uk

    This contemporary made-in-Italy outdoor pizza oven appliance provides a solid weld construction that is durable, convenient and efficient. Made with the highest quality stainless steel, these ovens rapidly achieve high temperatures in an incredible 10-15 minutes but do not fail to impart an authentic Old World Italian flavor. Techo-Bloc’s Forno allows you to bake directly on the cooking stone to achieve impeccably crispy brick oven crust. Conveniently designed for tailored spaces, the Forno Pizza Oven is a statement piece for homeowners eager to entertain guests under the open sky.


  • Testosterone Cream Buy Uk

    The rustic and rugged feel of the Manchester collection ranges from walls, to a fireplace and has now been extended to an outdoor Pizza Oven feature. Offered in 2 color pallets, one in the tans/browns and one in the greys, this pre-packaged (non pre-assembled) kit creates a well-appointed stand for a rustic outdoor pizza oven. The kit includes the concrete blocks and a concrete counter top. The Techo-Bloc Forno pizza oven appliance is not included in the Manchester Rustic pizza oven base kit and therefore, must be ordered separately. Extending your pizza oven feature is possible with the Manchester Rustic side Counter Kit, which is also a pre-packaged kit that must be ordered separately.


  • Testosterone Propionate Buy Uk

    The sleek, polished look of the Raffinato collection has now been extended to an outdoor pizza oven feature. Offered in the same modern colors as the Raffinato wall, this pre-packaged (non pre-assembled) kit creates a tailored and contemporary stand for an outdoor pizza oven. The kit includes the blocks and a concrete counter top. The Techo-Bloc Forno pizza oven appliance is not included in the Raffinato pizza oven base kit and therefore, must be ordered separately. Extending your Raffinato pizza oven is possible with the Raffinato side counter kit, which is also a pre-packaged kit that must be ordered separately.